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Raising a little human isn't easy. From well-meaning friends, to experts and baby brands comes a slew of advice and information, some of it misleading and some downright dangerous.
ergoPouch work with experts in the field of sleep solutions to offer your family no-nonsense help and support along your sleep journey from birth to five years. If there is a topic that we haven’t covered and you would like some advice, please let us know.

The Pouch Process

Tell me parents, does this pattern of night time sleep feel familiar? Put down to sleep wondering if your child is too hot or cold and continue to check and wonder every 2 hours throughout the night. Check if they’re breathing 15 times in the night, including whether or not you can see their chest rising on the baby monitor. Change nappy overnight (or take them to the toilet) whilst trying not to wake them fully, so you don’t have to wake up to a soaked-through cot or bed in the morning.

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Is your nursery a safe-sleep environment?

As new parents, we can often get caught up in the Instagram-worthy look of our nursery, or fandangled contraptions marketed as sleep-saviours. However, the most important thing you can do for your little human is to ensure their sleep environment is set up safely to reduce the risk of SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death of Infant).


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