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Dealing with Allergies

Dealing with Allergies

Posted by Ergo Pouch / on

Does your child suffer from allergies?

Is eczema preventing you and your little one from getting that glorious sleep you (both) so desperately need?

We often find that babies and kids with eczema can be itchier at night than they are during the day. This can be because they are getting too hot in bed, making it more important than ever to choose the right warmth (Tog) rating for the season.

During the night, their little bodies also have a lot of contact with their clothes and bedding, so natural fibers (excluding wool) that are soft and breathable are less likely to aggravate itchy skins.

All ergoPouch baby swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits and pyjamas are made from skin-friendly materials. We choose soft bamboo, organic cottons and merino which are grown without chemicals or pesticides and we don't use toxic fire retardants or synthetic fillings such as polyester.

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