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Who are ergoPouch?

ergoPouch are an Australian company, based in Melbourne, Australia. All of the ergoPouch products are designed by the ergoPouch founder, Alina Sack. A mum herself, she has drawn on her own personal experiences of sleep deprivation to come up with innovative products including baby swaddles, sleep suits and sleep wear, that are made to help babies and kids get a better night's sleep.


Why use a swaddle?

Swaddling your baby can help soothe and settle them to sleep by giving them a feeling of containment, similar to the feeling they had when in the confined space of your womb.

In the early days after birth, babies have a startle reflex that can often wake or disturb a sleeping baby - a baby swaddle such as the ergoCocoon will help prevent this from disturbing their precious sleep.

We have always known from anecdotal evidence that swaddling seems to help babies sleep but now there is now research to back this up. Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, has published research that found that of the 26 infants they studied, the rapid eye movement phase of sleep was almost doubled in babies who were swaddled for daytime naps.


When should I stop swaddling my baby?

As soon as your baby can roll over, you should stop swaddling. Every baby develops at a different pace, but this usually happens from around 3 months of age. Our ergoCocoons have been specifically designed to make the transition from swaddling to a sleeping bag an easy one. When your baby is ready, simply undo the snaps and allow one arm out. Once your baby is used to having one arm free, you can release the other arm and continue to use your ergoCocoon as a sleep sack.

ergococooon three ways

Which swaddle should I choose - the 0.2 Tog, 1 Tog or 2.5 Tog?

The TOG rating is a measure of how warm a swaddle is. To decide which one is right for your baby, take a look at our Nursery Temperature Guide and select the one that matches the temperature range in your baby's nursery.


Can my baby sleep with her arms up in an ergoCocoon or airCocoon?

All our swaddle products are made from a stretchy fabric to allow for a natural range of movement. We find that babies will naturally wriggle their arms and hands into a position that is most comfortable for them. Unlike other products on the market, the ergoCocoon range doesn’t hold arms down at a baby’s side. Your baby won't however be able to get her arms all the way up to the sides of their head.


How many swaddles do I need?

We recommend that you start with at least two. Babies can be messy creatures - diapers leak, they spit up milk, need we go on!?

If you have two, you can have "One on, and one in the wash".


Can I use blankets with a swaddle?

Safe sleep guidelines suggest you should have as little as possible in the cot or crib, which is precisely why we’ve made our ergoCocoons in three TOG (warmth) ratings. By choosing the right ergoPouch baby swaddle for the temperature of your nursery, you can avoid using blankets alTogether. However, if you do choose to use a blanket, make sure you follow the advice below. 



How do I choose the right size sleeping bag?

It's important to get the right size kids sleeping bag that will be the best fit for your child. A sleeping bag should be well fitted around the neck and the armholes to avoid your child slipping through. It should also be bell shaped in the bottom to allow for easy leg movement.


Why do you use cotton fillings in your sleeping bags?

Sleeping with natural fibers can dramatically contribute to a better night’s sleep for your baby – and you! Natural fibers disperse moisture from the skin, providing an even warmth and body temperature. ErgoPouch sleeping bags are all highly breathable, keeping babies consistently warm without overheating. Synthetic fillings such as Polyester do not have the same qualities and can lead to temperature variations throughout the night. They can also trap too much heat, which can be particularly problematic for babies with eczema as overheating will exacerbate the condition.


Why are there stretchy panels at the sides of your sleeping bags?

For two reasons. As babies start to wriggle and move around, the stretch panels allow for comfortable movement and help prevent them getting tangled. The panels also help with the breathability of our sleeping bags – keeping body temperature variations and overheating under control.


My little one has started to unzip her sleeping bag - any tips?

This is a common problem! Our bags are built to help keep little fingers away from the zippers, with extra large zip covers, but some clever kids are just really good escape artists. We recommend turning the bag inside out so that they can't access the zipper pull.

What is the difference between the organic cotton Jersey Sleep bag to a organic cotton sheeting Sleep Bag?

The fabric of the jersey sleeping bag isn't as luxurious as winter baby sleeping bag. The winter baby sleeping bag is made out of a sheeting fabric with a 400+ thread count. The jersey bag is made out of super soft organic cotton jersey.

We would suggest the jersey sleeping bag for bubs that need to transition out of the swaddle.

The Jersey sleeping bag only comes in the 8-24 month size.

I’ve washed my sleeping bag and rust like stains appear on the bag, what do I do?

As the organic cotton in our sleeping bags do not go through any type of chemical bleaching, sometimes tiny bits of this organic cotton bud get trapped when the fabric is made. When the sleeping bags are eventually washed, the pigment from these trapped tiny bits of cotton bud come out and onto the material.

We have tested using a stain remover on other cases and 99% of the time the marks come right out. Understandably if chemicals don't want to get used in the wash then Bicarb works just as well. 


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