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Pre-Loved Pouch Guide

Pre-Loved Pouch Guide

Posted by Ergo Pouch / on

As we enter deeper into this new year, it is important to share how we want to help impact the environment. We know as a business we have plenty to work towards, for now, we want to show you how your little one can continue to wear a Pre-Loved Pouch.

To our beautiful community who may be receiving or passing on a Pre-Loved Pouch, we see the impact you're having time and time again. You are handing on our products to siblings, friends, neighbours, op shops, and so on. We, as a business, understand that quality and re-use is integral for our community and most importantly, the planet. 

We want to help you build your children's sleep wardrobes so that it continues to function for what it's intended to do, wearing for sleep. We have created this guide with reuse in mind, so you can determine if your ergoPouch can be worn over and over again. 

Firstly, ergoPouch's don't lose their TOG over time. Our products are made with quality materials and features such as double-stitched seams, to last over time. Reusing an ergoPouch is better for the environment and your wallet. If you've purchased a second-hand ergoPouch or gifted one, here's what to look out for to ensure your child sleeps safely and cozy in their pre-loved Pouch*

Note - don't worry if the product is faded. We use water-based dyes to avoid using harsh chemicals, and as a result, the colour may fade over time. This does not impact the functionality of the product.


*Here are the things to look out for:

Your safety guide to reusing an old ergoPouch



Check for wear and tear

1. Ensure no press studs, zippers or zip tags are loose

2. Check for, and remove, loose threads inside and outside the Pouch

3. Repair unravelling seams before use



Check for correct fit

1. The neck should be fitted around your child, but not tight

2. Your child should not be able to pull the neck hole over their chin

3. Cocoon Swaddle Bags should be firm across the chest and wide around the hips



Check if TOG rating is visible

Use the correct TOG for the room temperature

If you can't find the TOG, contact ergoPouch Customer Service



Check for clumps in winter TOGs

Hold in front of the light to see if there are spaces in the filling

Follow washing instructions to avoid clumping



Wash before use

To remove any bacteria that may be sitting on the fabric

(tip: avoid chemical fabric softeners)


If you have any questions, please reach out to our lovely Customer Service team at cs@ergopouch.com

With love eP X 



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