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The Benefits of Natural and Organic Fibres

The Benefits of Natural and Organic Fibres

Posted by Ergo Pouch / on

When it comes to dressing baby for bed, there’s so many options.

It can be overwhelming. We understand.

We’re sure you’ve got so many questions.

One we’re often asked is, “Why are natural fibers such a big deal?”

The simple answer is - natural fibers = better sleep.

All ergoPouch baby sleep products – including our swaddles, sleep sacks and sleep suits – are made with natural fibers including organic cotton, bamboo and merino. We’ve selected these fabrics not only because they are skin friendly but because they are so good at keeping the body at an even temperature.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, ergoPouch’s natural fibers breathe – and it doesn’t get more natural than that.

The breathability of these natural fibers keeps baby’s temperature perfectly consistent throughout the night – even when there are changes in the environment around them. This means baby will stay snug and warm on cold nights and on hot nights, the natural fibers will keep them cool and comfortable. The result is a better night’s sleep for babies and moms.

Most other baby sleeping bags on the market are filled with polyester or other synthetic materials which trap the heat –and often result in an overheated, sweaty baby who will then cool down quickly as the moisture continues to sit next to the skin. These temperature fluctuations are uncomfortable and often wake a sleeping bub.

Organic cotton is also natural, renewable and biodegradable. It benefits both cotton producers and the environment by avoiding the harmful effects of toxic pesticides.

By choosing organic cotton, bamboo or merino for your baby, you are also benefiting your baby's skin. Babies have thinner skin that is more easily irritated, so all ergoPouch products are made using vegetable dyes and are free from fire retardants.

Sleep naturally with ergoPouch.


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