Toddler and Preschooler Gifts

Explore our range of curated Christmas and festive gifts for toddlers, preschoolers and infants. Bring a little fun to bedtime with our Doll Sleeping Bag and matching pyjama's and sleep suits for toddlers. Our organic bedding gifts and pyjama sets for preschoolers and kids are perfect for balmy summer nights.
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  1. Everything your baby needs for comfortable safe sleeping. TOG Rated Cocoon Swaddle Bags, Sleeping Bags & Layers for underneath.

    Toddler and Preschooler Gifts

    Comfy beds and sleepy heads. Browse our gift guide to surprise and delight your toddler, preschooler or kid this festive season with a bit of fun at bedtime.

  2. Toddler Pajama Sleep Pack
    $79.88 Regular Price $99.89
  3. Toddler Sleep Pack
    $95.92 Regular Price $119.90
  4. Short Sleeve Pajamas for Toddlers 0.2 TOG in Sage by ergoPouch for summer
  5. ergoPouch Long Sleeve 1.0 TOG Pyjamas Berries
  6. ergoPouch Long Sleeve 1.0 TOG Pyjamas Night Sky
  7. ergoPouch Doll Sleeping Bag Sage LARGE Size
    $19.95 $19.99
  8. Organic toddler pillow
  9. Close up of Organic Toddler Pillow with Case in Berries by ergoPouch
  10. ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag 0.3 TOG Sage Suit
  11. ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag 0.3 TOG Night Sky Suit
  12. Sleep Suit Bag in Berries by ergoPouch - A 0.3 TOG Sleeping Bag that converts to a summer Sleep Suit with legs using 4-way zippers

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