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Congratulations, you reached your first significant milestone, and you now have an infant. From 3-12 months, your infant is settling into a more predictable sleep routine and possibly feeding less through the night. If they are still feeding regularly through the night, this is absolutely normal too.

With infanthood, growth, and cognitive leaps come new sleep considerations. For example, as your baby learns to roll over, it is no longer safe for them to be swaddled or sleep in a bassinet. You will need infant pajamas and sleepwear that supports arms-out sleeping and place baby in a crib to provide use of their arms in lifting and shifting their head to the side for unobstructed breathing while lying on their tummy. You may also find your infant's sleep interrupted by teething, being more responsive to changing light and noise stimuli during nap time, and significant milestones such as sitting up, crawling, or developing separation anxiety. As you navigate these phases, providing a safe, consistent sleep environment and TOG-rated baby rompers, pajamas and sleepwear will go a long way to faster settling and gentle soothing.

Our TOG-rated range of infant baby sleepsuits and PJs is designed to be worn underneath your infant's swaddle or pouch for extra warmth or on its own during daytime or warmer weather. You'll need a few additional easy rompers for frequent accidents; pack a few extras when venturing out to visit loved ones. Choose a 0.2 TOG baby sleepsuit for a light romper or a 1.0 TOG PJs for a warmer romper. All of our infant pajamas are made from organic cotton and natural fibers to be non-irritating and ensure breathability for your infant's delicate skin.

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