Toddler Sleep Onesie

When your energetic and adventurous 1-2-year-old reaches toddlerhood, this exciting milestone can often be accompanied by many sleep disruptions. From 12-24 months, your curious toddler starts to walk and learns to explore but may still be too young to move to a big bed and blankets. In addition, cognitive and motor leaps can result in refusal to settle or sleep, and you may begin toilet training.

At this stage, sleepwear can help your toddler understand positive associations with sleep, create healthy bedtime habits and overcome settling challenges. Safe, comfortable toddler sleepwear solutions designed for their needs will help you get your mini into bed and stay there.

The Sleep Onesie is a perfect sleep sack alternative for toddlers who don't like the restriction of a sleep sack. Designed to be worn on its own for sleep (without blankets), or with a layer underneath for comfort.

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