What to pack in your hospital bag?

Newborn Sleep Product Information

Congratulations on your pregnancy, what an exciting adventure you are about to embark on! As you get closer to your due date, you’re possibly pondering (fretting) over what to pack in your hospital bag as all new moms do!

Our knowledgeable team at ergoPouch have banded together to suggest a few baby and mom sleep and loungewear must-haves to get you through the first precious days of parenthood.

Before you race out and buy a brand-new suitcase and stock it with goodies (yes, we all do it), check with your hospital on what they provide. Each hospital should have a suggested list of what to pack, ensure you ask for this list along with any questions you may have. Hospitals are there to support you, make sure you lean on them.

On to the fun part, what to pack for baby's first outfit, baby sleepwear and mom’s comfort, as suggested by the ergoPouch team.



1. Baby's first outfits

Your baby’s first outfits during your hospital stay should be soft, cozy and comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and accessible for diaper changes. As a newborn baby cannot regulate their body temperature, it’s important to dress them appropriately to keep them warm, but not too hot.

Our TOG-rated newborn rompers (Layers) are the perfect wardrobe for your freshly-arrived treasure, day and night. Designed to be worn on their own or underneath an ergoPouch swaddle, sleep sack or Sleep Suit Sack, our rompers are made from the softest, gentlest organic jersey cotton and bamboo. These natural fibers are breathable, lightweight, skin-friendly and promote safe and comfortable sleep for your baby.

Our rompers feature a 3-way zip for easy diaper changes any time of day. The 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Romper is a great choice for hospital temperatures, to keep them warm without overheating. You may want to pack a few light, cotton singlets to wear underneath also. We recommend packing six Rompers for a 5-day hospital stay.

Check out our range of Rompers to get started. Available in a range of beautiful prints from our Heritage and Pouchtale collections.


2. You’re going to need more Rompers once you get home!

Additional rompers are an essential item in those first few weeks – you may be surprised at how often a tiny little baby can soil their clothing! As a baby sleeps around 16 hours a day, you’ll find you don’t need to dress them in their day clothes vs night clothes – a comfortable onesie that is easy to put on or remove is all you need.

Depending on the time of year your baby is born and home temperatures, choose from a Long Sleeve Romper in 1.0 TOG for cooler climates and a 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Romper or 0.2 TOG Short Sleeve Romper for warmer weather.

Our handy What to Wear Guide will help you choose the best style and TOG rating for your home.

In addition to the 6 Rompers taken to the hospital, we recommend another 2-3 Rompers in size 0-3 months to have on hand at home.

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3. Swaddling – the Cocoon Alternative

Chances are you’ve heard about swaddling a baby for sleeping, either at your antenatal classes, from a friend or family member, or you’ve seen adorable burrito-like babies wrapped up snugly all over your Instagram or TikTok. Swaddling a baby helps to control their startle reflex (which can wake them) and imitate the closeness of the womb to help them feel secure. But not all swaddling techniques or products are created equal, and HOW you swaddle to promote healthy growth and development is just as important as keeping those arms secure for a long sleep!

While swaddling (or ‘wrapping’) for sleep with a muslin cloth is common, ergoPouch’s innovative Cocoon Swaddle Sack is an alternative you may not know about and a firm favorite with moms around the world.

Our Cocoon Swaddle Sack has a zipper for fail-safe swaddling without the complicated origami. Key features of the Cocoon Swaddle Sack include:

- 2-way zipper – getting your baby in and out of this swaddle is so easy and diaper changes are a breeze. It's also difficult to wriggle out from, creating longer sleep (hooray!).

- TOG rated – 1.0 TOG is designed for hospitals and year-round comfort when temperatures in your child’s room are between 70F°-75F°. With a TOG-rated swaddle, you don’t need any additional blankets.

- Friendly for Hips – approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It has a bell-shaped bottom so that the hips + legs can flop outwards during sleep making it officially hip friendly.

- Friendly for Shoulders – promotes an arms-down or arms-crossed sleep position. While containing their startle reflex, the Cocoon also allows natural arm movement for self-soothing and healthy shoulder development.

- Super Stretchy – there is a stretch in all directions which allows for growth spurts, full chest expansion and a very comfortable swaddle for your baby to sleep in.

- 2 in 1 – converts from a swaddle to a sleep sack by opening the poppers in the armholes once your baby is showing signs of rolling.

- Organic Cotton + Bamboo – this fabric is beautifully soft and skin friendly as it promotes breathability and prevents those sweaty feels. We recommend packing two-three 1.0 TOG newborn swaddles in your hospital bag in size newborn or 0-3 months.

Depending on the time of year your baby is born and home temperatures, you may want to get another 0-3 months Cocoon Swaddle Sack for home. Our handy What to Wear Guide will help you choose the best style and TOG rating for your home temperature.

When your baby is beginning to show signs of rolling, it’s important to transition to arms-out sleeping.

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4. Save money with the ultimate newborn pack in our small newborn 0000 sizes.

Created from super soft and breathable bamboo and organic cotton fabric, our Newborn Hospital Pack contains both a newborn Swaddle Sack and Romper to keep your newborn snug and warm during your hospital stay.

The pack includes one 1.0 TOG Cocoon Swaddle Sack and one 0.2 TOG Long Sleeve Romper to be worn underneath the swaddle. When worn together for naps, they create the perfect warmness for hospital room temperatures. Plus you save 20% on the RRP.

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5. Something for YOU, Mama.

You’ve gone through pregnancy, labor and bought life into this world – you DESERVE to feel your most comfortable during this new period! Our luxurious Matchy Matchy Robe pairs back with our Newborn Hospital Pack prints. Made from a delicate, light bamboo fabric you will feel silky soft, extra comfortable, and covered when visitors come to meet your new babe.

The Matchy Matchy Robe provides discreet access for breastfeeding and comfort for those long feeding sessions, whether you decide to breastfeed or formula-feed.

With adjustable ties and two deep pockets for your phone, the baby’s pacifier, spit-up cloths and more, the Robe is as functional as it is gorgeous.

Parenthood is the most magical time of your life. We are here to support your sleeping journey and encourage you to ask questions along the way. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the above range of products, and good luck for the labor and birth – YOU’VE GOT THIS, MAMA BEAR.


Sleepwear Packing List for Hospital Bag (for 5-day hospital stay)

- 6x Long Sleeve Rompers in 0.2 TOG, size Newborn or 0-3 Months

- 2-3x Cocoon Swaddle Sacks in 1.0 TOG size Newborn or 0-3 Months

- 1x Matchy Matchy Robe for the Mama


For Home

- 2x additional Rompers

- 1x additional Cocoon Swaddle Sack


With love, 

eP X 

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