Expert Sleep Tips for Babies and Children

Discover expert tips from industry professionals, such as baby and child sleep consultants, midwives, nutritionists and more.

At ergoPouch, our top priority is to endorse safe sleep practices in everything that we do. As the leaders in baby sleepwear, we often look to experts for a holistic view on parenting, sleep and wellbeing.

We have sought the guidance of sleep experts to bring our readers the best tips for babies and children to sleep safely, comfortably and longer. We've collaborated with midwives, pediatric nurses, psychologists, and nutritionists to provide reliable information that will help you make informed choices.

We hope that these tips from our sleep experts will keep you well-informed and provide you with comfort as you navigate the joys and challenges of parenting, from your first few months with a newborn to parenting an infant baby, toddler and big kid.

Get in touch with your questions via email at [email protected] or send us a message on our social accounts @ergopouch. We're here to help you on your sleep journey!

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