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organic ethical trade

We choose to make all our sleepwear and products with natural fibers, organic cotton and bamboo, and non-toxic materials. Not only does this keep your child safe, but it also benefits our environment.


All ergoPouch sleepwear is made from natural fibers: certified organic cotton and bamboo.

Natural fibers are safer for your child and better for their skin.

  • Allows skin to breath
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Reduces chances of overheating
  • Reduces eczema flare ups
  • No toxic chemicals against your child’s skin

Our fabrics are GOTS Certified annually at our factory, by Peterson Control Union.

organic ethical trade


Better for the environment

Organic cotton is grown in a way that uses natural methods to minimize the impact on our environment, using less water, reducing toxic emissions and replenishes soil fertility. Our Organic Cotton is free from pesticides and is not genetically modified like conventional cotton.

Chemical-free materials

Our fibers are dyed using a water-based ink, meaning they’re non-toxic for your child and their skin, and better for our waterways and the environment.

Our fabrics are chemically tested and certified annually to show they are free from lead, free from phthalates and free from formaldehyde, by Hangzhou C&K Testing Technic Co. Ltd. Chemical-Free Dyes and Fabric.

organic ethical trade



All our products are made with the highest quality materials and are double-stitched for long-lasting durability.

Our jersey fabrics are made with a little bit of elastane (5%) to be comfortable, help the organic fibers retain their shape in the wash, and extend the life of the product.

The high quality of our materials and manufacturing process means an ergoPouch will last several years and multiple children. This meansless consumption over a longer period.

Our products meet all safety standards for the US for sleepwear. Made to last.

organic ethical trade



All of our sleepwear products are designed in Melbourne, Australia, and ethically manufactured in China. Our factory in China has certified ISO9001 Quality Management compliance.

In addition to the quality control for our products, our factory:

  • Provides a fair wage to all workers
  • Provides all five insurances for workers as required by government
  • Does not employ children
  • Provides good working conditions
  • Provides 128 days maternity leave with wages

organic ethical trade

organic ethical trade

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