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doll sleeping bag

ergoPouch are excited to announce our Doll Sleeping Bag. The bag is designed to be used as a sleep tool and cue to help your mischievous mini-me settle at bedtime.

The Doll Sleeping Bag is perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers aged between 2 and 5 years and is made from the same skin-friendly, non-toxic organic natural fibres as our Jersey Bag range. The Doll Sleeping Bag is not only an ethical gift option but is safe as a toy too!

Why you and your mini-me will love the Doll Sleeping Bag:

  • Non Toxic Toy Accessory
  • Sleep tool to help encourage bedtime routines
  • Perfect for pretend and role play
  • Zips and arm holes to help develop fine motor skills
  • Made from organic cotton and bamboo
  • Match your child’s sleepwear prints with their doll/toy
  • Idea gift that will last for years

doll sleeping bag


Pretend Play Encourages Sleep Routines

The ergoPouch Doll Sleeping Bag can be incorporated in creating a calming, loving and consistent bedtime routine that encourages your toddler to settle down, signalling that bedtime is approaching. Have your little one practice putting their favourite doll or toy’s sleeping bag on, and then put their doll/toy ‘to bed’.

Role play around bedtime routines helps your child create an understanding of what’s expected of them for sleep. Pretend play with the Doll Sleeping Bag also develops their understanding of social and emotional skills and development, problem solving, and gives an opportunity to practice fine motor skills.

The Doll Sleeping Bag is also an excellent way to help a child prepare for a younger sibling. Once their new sibling arrives, encourage your child to to ‘play’ mummy or daddy with their own ‘baby’ (doll/toy). This will help them understand the new baby’s sleep needs, and giving them a sense of responsibility and purpose as an older sibling.

Doll sleeping bag


Will it fit my child’s doll or toy?

The Doll Sleeping Bag comes in our Spring/Summer Pouch Tales Collection prints - Pebble, Quill and Fawn. With two sizes available, Small (30cm length) and Large (42cm length). The small size is designed for dolls or toys 35cm and under (e.g. a Miniland 35cm doll or smaller) and the larger size for dolls 48cm and under (e.g. an ‘Our Generation’ doll or smaller).

You can purchase our adorable bags for $24.95 each no matter the size you buy.

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